Google Calendar Backup Utility (Free)

Download your Google Calendars or any remote ICAL Calendar files to your Local System.


Google Calendar is one of the most popular Online Scheduling Systems in use today, and has for many people and businesses become indispensable.

But what happens if your Google Calendar goes down? What happens if you can no longer access your Google Calendar online?

Relying on the "Cloud" to reliably keep your appointment information and other tasks save, could end with a frustrating and potentially expensive result.

Google Calendar can be backed up manually by downloading the ICAL file via the Google Calendar interface. But this is time consuming and you need to remember to do it regularly. The Google Calendar Backup Utility is the perfect solution. It regularly makes backups of your Calendar to your Local Machine or any connected drive. The back up files can then be imported back into Google Calendar or any other ICAL compatible Calendar.


How to use the Google Calendar Backup Utility


Download Google Calendar Backup Utility and install it.

Click the "ADD" button to add a new Calendar to Back Up. The Calendar information window will open.

Calendar Name: Give the Calendar a descriptive name.

Backup Location: Select where the back up of your Google Calendar will be Saved.

Google URL: Follow the instructions below to copy the Google URL into this field.

Login to your Google Calendar account.

Under "My Calendars" click the down arrow (outlined in red in the pic below) that's at the right of the name of your main calendar, or the one you want to backup


Then click "Calendar settings".

In the view that appears, scroll down to the bottom, and find the bit headed "Private Address", see below.

Now right click the green ICAL button under "Private Address", which provides the URL or web address of your own calendar file.


Choose "Copy Shortcut", "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Link" depending on which browser you are using

Paste the Link URL into the Google URL Field in the Google Calendar Backup Utility.

Click "Save" to close the form

Click the "BACKUP NOW" button to ensure everything is working correctly.

Tick the "Schedule Backup Every..." box and set how frequent you want backups to occur.

You may also wish to tick the "Run when Windows Starts" and "Minimize Program to Task Bar on Start" boxes to allow the software to be discreetly loaded into the task bar at start-up.

Click "MINIMIZE TO TASK BAR" and you're done.

The application can be accessed at any time from the task bar by clicking the icon.